PR Shaping Public Opinion


speaker.jpgPeople are speaking out against it more than ever, which motivates PR professionals to campaign against it. 

I’m talking about smoking and second-hand smoke.

Have you seen the campaigns on TV about smoking tobacco? 

My favorite are the truth commercials.  A PR representative was definitely in charge of this campaign.

Smoking tobacco has been a controversial topic for over 50 years. 

PR campaigns have increased people’s awareness of the health risks tobacco smoke causes.  Anti-tobacco campaigns have influenced the public to come together and voice their oppositions to tobacco smoke. 

People’s opinions do influence local and state laws.  Ohio voters passed a smoking ban in public places in 2006.  This shows how public relations professionals are educating and influencing the public. 


The movie, Thank You For Smoking, got me thinking about how PR really does shape public opinion. 

Nick Naylor (actor Aaron Eckhart), the Vice President of and the chief spokesperson for the Academy of Tobacco Studies, researched the links between smoking cigarettes and ill health.  He informed the public that there were no links and defended the rights of smokers.   

Have you seen this movie and if so, do you think Nick Naylor persuaded people to think smoking was okay?

A PR spokesperson of a company must be persuasive and have a strong message in order to gain support for their cause.

Health care facilities need to recognize the influential power and importance of the PR field and learn how to make PR prominent in the health care industry.


One Response to PR Shaping Public Opinion

  1. Rob Jewell says:


    Welcome to the world of blogging. I like your format — and thanks for including me on your blogroll. And I hope you will be able to use some of the writing tips we are looking at in PRTactics (the face-to-face version). Consider the audience. Be conversational. Focus on WIIFM. Be honest. See, these courses are related. They all are.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts during the semester.


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