PR Manager Says, “Retards”…What a Mistake


Did I really just hear him say that?


“I wanna build a hair salon for kids with special needs, so the ‘retards’ can get it together and get their hair done.”

This is what PR manager, Adam Jasinski of the United Autism Foundation said on the TV show, Big Brother.

While surfing the Web, I stumbled across a post about this story written Feb. 15 and couldn’t believe a PR manager would say something like this.

Here’s the clip with Jasinski’s offensive remark: 


PR professionals need to watch what they say.  They inform the public about health issues or other pertinent issues, so they have a huge responsibility.

Negative comments such as Jasinski’s makes the PR field look bad.  PR professionals are supposed to talk positively about their client and be an advocate.

PR representatives need to create a positive image of their client and Jasinski definitely failed to meet this responsibility, to say the least.

PR professionals need to be loyal to their clients at all times because they will always be in the public eye.

Jasinski has done United Autism Foundation a big disservice.  The cause he was supposed to be supporting seemed to be a joke to him.

What is your opinion of Jasinski’s comment?  Do you think this puts the PR field in a negative light?


4 Responses to PR Manager Says, “Retards”…What a Mistake

  1. Rob Jewell says:

    Sarah, It’s amazing that a PR person said this. I know that I am fighting an uphill battle on this, but I believe that public relations is built on the foundation of ethical conduct. That, to me, means having respect for various viewpoints. That’s actually not that difficult.


  2. sarahlcolvin says:

    I agree that PR is built on ethics and Adam Jasinski certainly did not show ethical conduct. I hope the United Autism Foundation will evaluate Jasinski’s actions and decide to fire him. His actions negatively affected their organization and the PR field in general. Public relations professionals are supposed to give their clients a positive image and reputation.

  3. Sarah Brown says:

    Hi, my name is Sarah Brown and I am an advertising major in the
    Principles of PR class this semester. After reading your post I found
    it hard to believe that Adam Jasinski could possibly be a PR
    professional. I find it truly apalling and upsetting that someone
    representing a company would say something like that.

    I did a little research and because Adam was in the Big Brother house,
    the United Autism Foundation was forced to apologize to the public on
    his behalf. They issued a statement that said, “Unfortunately, Adam
    Jasinski made some comments, which are not acceptable and we deeply
    apologize to all those who are affected by this under estimated

    The organization should not have to speak on the behalf of their PR
    professionals. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    It is certainly surprising and upsetting to see someone in a PR
    position act so unethically and irresponsibly.

  4. sarahlcolvin says:

    You are absolutely right. PR professionals should speak on behalf of their organization not the other way around. I saw the apology on the Web site as well and thought less of the United Autism Foundation. I think the foundation will possibly lose credit because of this incident. You can’t have someone like Adam Jasinski working for your company, especially not as a PR manager!

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