PRSA Health Academy Conference



PR and health care are my two passions in life, so if you feel the same way, you should attend the 19th annual PRSA Health Academy conference in Chicago, April 2-4. 

The conference will address strategies for communicating effectively to to the cross-generational and multicultural health care consumer.  Implementing PR strategies and tactics in the health care field and using social media will also be discussed.

In today’s society, health care consumers want products and services to accomodate their lifestyles.  Targeted communications play a critical role.  Whether it’s a consumer’s age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, they expect health care practices to meet their individual needs.

By attending the conference, you will be able to sharpen your PR skills and learn effective strategies.

It can be quite a challenge for PR professionals to communicate health information because there are many ways people access and process information.  Information on the Web for instance has to be quick and easy to access.

PR professionals need to think about their target audience.  What do consumers want to know?  What do consumers want to look at?  The younger generation wants to access social networks and click on links to retrieve information.  The older generation needs information to be accessible and written clearly so it’s understandable, but all information needs to be relevant to everyone.


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