Health Care Industry Presents: TelePresence


To excel in today’s fast-paced business world, you have to interact and collaborate with co-workers, clients and customers all over the world.  Building and maintaining relationships often requires face-to-face communication, but what if you needed to talk to someone immediately that was out-of-state or even out of the country?  Cisco TelePresence is making this face-to-face experience possible.

TelePresence provides a live, in-person experience with the quality, simplicity and reliability of a telephone call, but it’s over the network!  It integrates advanced audio, high-definition video and interactive elements with the power of the network.

Cisco TelePresence was first introduced in Oct. 2006 and is being used in many businesses all around the world. 

There are many business benefits of TelePresence.  It not only connects co-workers, clients and customers but actually builds trust, satisfaction, loyalty and understanding among them. 

TelePresence enables businesses to hold meetings with other businesses, no matter the location.  Meetings allow people to communicate naturally and effectively as if face to face.  It can increase productivity through more interactions and less travel.  Less travel will cut company costs, which will save a big amount of money.

It can also be used as a communications strategy by PR professionals to create and maintain relationships with people across the globe.

TelePresence not only benefits businesses but also benefits the medical field.  It has recently made a major breakthrough in the health care industry.

Doctors will be able to conduct a surgery happening in California for example, even if they live in Germany.  It’s crazy to think a heart transplant or hip replacement could be performed by a doctor that’s not even in the hospital room or even the same state!

Here’s the clip about how TelePresence is being used in health care:

Today’s technologies are becoming more advanced than anyone expected.  It’s our job, no matter what profession, to stay on top of the new technologies and use them effectively.


3 Responses to Health Care Industry Presents: TelePresence

  1. Ashley Shorts says:

    Wow. The idea of TelePresence absolutely amazes me. I was literally in disbelief while watching the youtube video. As for using this technology in the surgery rooms; however, I am still a little skeptical. I think the idea of being able to watch a surgery via videoconference and different things is a great educational tool for medical students, but I am not so sure I would want a nurse or med student conducting my surgery with the doctor ‘half’ supervising the operation. Crisis management also comes in to play here. If something were to go wrong, there would have to be a physcian right there to be able to fix the problem. On the other hand, I think this gives pysicians more room to be able to schedule more surguries and be at other important places than say a routine appendectomy. Also, during more difficult, extensive surguries, it would be very beneficial to have a specialist “in the operating room” even if they are miles away.

  2. Mike Mooney says:

    the connection that technology is providing surley places us into the future. today you can attend college courses from as far away from campus as you can find a computer, information is readibly available, and people can meet face to face even when they are accross the planet. i beleive this growth will be expodential and will grow at an accelerated pace.

  3. Racheal Hall says:

    I actually didn’t know the full extent of this new technology that has been created. It’s kind of crazy but it also will benefit all types of companies in many different ways. Interpersonal communication is something that is very key to a successful business but it is also very time consuming and can be expensive. You have to worry about traveling, delays, and the cost of everything. I don’t think that this technology will ever replace the actual feeling of looking into the eyes of the person you are for example trying to make a deal with and it will never replace the “seal the deal handshake.” But it can really be used as a substitute and a way for people to learn new techniques and it can be more than useful in emergency situations. I like the blog that you wrote and I actually found it very interesting.

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