Elderly Health Care At Risk


While talking to my roomate, who is a STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant), I realized how serious the health care employees shortage is.

A WebMD article stated that the U.S. faces a massive health care shortage that will possibly leave millions of elderly people without proper health care.   

A report issued by the Institute of Medicine said, “medical and nursing schools are training far too few doctors and nurses on how to care for the elderly.  At the same time, other workers, such as nurses’ aides and home health workers, remain undertrained and underpaid.” 

According to the report, the number of Americans over 65 years of age is expected to nearly double by 2030.  I would be 43-years-old by 2030.  So by the time I am over 65, there will still be a health care shortage.  This shortage will eventually affect all of us in college…it’s a scary thought!

“Even if there is enough money, there isn’t going to be anybody there to provide the care,” said John Rowe, a professor of health policy and management at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.

I found an article about how there are roughly 7,100 doctors certified in geriatrics in the U.S.  This means that there is one physician per every 2,500 elderly people.  Isn’t this crazy?  I hope when I get older this will change.

To reduce this crisis situation, I think medical facilities should offer doctors and nurses better incentive plans and benefits to entice them towards the geriatric field.  I also think higher salaries and more training for nursing aide workers should be offered at medical facilities.




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