About Me



Hi, Everyone!

My name is Sarah Colvin and I am a Kent State University public relations graduate.  I grew up in Brunswick, Ohio, but live in Dallas, Texas.  I enjoy meeting new people and traveling to different countries.  I have been to France, Monoco, Switzerland, Mexico and Canada, and plan on visiting many others.  I am a hard worker and like learning about different aspects of the PR field.

Work Experience

I worked for Kent State’s student PR and marketing agency, Flash Communications as the Account Executive intern.  At Flash, I gained valuable skills that I will apply to my future career as a PR professional.

After working at Flash I worked for Pinnacle Communication Group Inc. as the Media Relations intern.

My Interests

*Writing *Interviewing *Public Relations *Event planning *Dancing *Singing *Listening to music *Going to concerts *Starbucks *Warm weather *Camping *4-wheelin’ *Shopping *Mini golf *Hanging out with friends and family


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Andrew Mills says:

    Hi Sarah,

    My name is Andrew Mills. I am a web designer, and I recently used a picture temporarily that I found on your website for a project I have been working on for a medical services company. I was hoping I could use this picture for their site. I believe this picture is an iStockPhoto or clip art from somewhere – as I have seen this same set of pictures on other websites and when I used images.google.com.

    Could you tell me where you originally got this picture? Also, what is your area of focus at the university? I work for an internet marketing company here in Michigan. I develop web sites and we do a lot of eMarketing, and I was wondering if you have any interest in those areas. If so, what do you focus on, or what have you focused on, what do you feel you are good at and how could you help a business?

    I have a whole bunch of questions, actually. At your convenience, could you please contact me with more information about yourself, your career, and where you hope to go with your education.

    Thank you,
    Andrew Mills

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am a high school student and i used your ambulance picture in a video i made about safe driving choices. I had completely forgotten about copyright laws when I was making the video. If I could get a written release form from you (it can be in the form of an email).

    Thank You,

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